the day the sky turned green

Buckets on a Barefoot Beach

it happened when Nick was 19 …he was so fed up with fisherman’s stew…fed up
with fishermen who

slurped it ….



styrofoam cups…fed up

from hearing his Pappoo call,

“have a light sleep” to

him as he walked away from

the family’s snack bar …
like an ugly woman in

a beautiful dress…9 years of

splintery walks across the

old pier followed him and


she caught him …

twisted his ankle til the

sky turned green


seaweed colored emeralds on her

wet wistful eyelashes…
looking back …he wondered if

she had given him the evil eye…but…

at the time …

at the time…

at the time …

he was only watching how

she pulled her green waves higher and

higher like hurricane hemmed

dresses in summer but here he was in

fall… he was past all that…. past time to envy porpoises … porpoises who seemed…

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