The English Side of Greek: A Found Flashcard Poem

Early in the morning, early

I receive plan, purpose, vision.


Foolish, foolishness:

Custom, habit.


Mind, understanding,

Thought from within.

Within I join, cling to,

Staff, rod.


(Leather) bottle, wineskin,

I seize, take hold of.

I reject, refuse, power, might.


Zebedee, I go over, pass over.


Babylon: tribunal, judgement seat.

Boundary, region net. Fishnet.

Gehenna, hell.


Thunder! I blow a trumpet.

Greater, more: I multiply.

I am rich. I lie down, recline.

Master of the house.

I burn up, consume,

Very much, exceedingly.


Prostitute, I torment.

Hunger, famine, colt, tooth, Roman.

Baptist, Baptizer,

I inquire.

I give rest, refresh, I take

A rest.


Knee, lampstand, I lead out.

Courtyard, reed, Bethany.

I cry out, shout. Magdalene

Most of all, especially,


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