He could’ve made us giants 

Praying for Irma

He could’ve made us giants,

With all the strength and pluck

To uproot trees with pinkies

And mountains by the hunk

Yes, He could have made us giants

Formidable and wild

To take those chunky mountains

Like candy from a child

He could have given us strength 

For seismic-level tantrums

So when we pounded our fists down

The world would go BA-DUM

But God made us tiny people

Dwarfed by the world we see

And though we’re not much in ourselves,

He thought the world of you and me

Giving us an extra measure 

of this stuff we cannot see

This powerful, invisible FAITH

Just ripe for mountain hurling!

Of course we are no giants

God had a better plan

He wants us to rely on Him,

And watch those mountains SPLAT!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia 

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