Wedding Write-Up #1

I‘m hoping to include wedding reports in my freelancing services. Here is my first. Please message me if you’re interested in a write-up 🙂

Becoming One


Five years after borrowing a calculator and never returning it, Tyler Revis proposes to Paige Powell. Paige and Tyler had been acquaintances since late elementary school, but did not begin dating until their years together in community college. In 2016, Tyler proposes to Paige during a hike, and the two become one on July 9th, 2017.

Getting Ready

Leading up to the ceremony, the girls get ready at Hannah’s house to the tune of playlist jams like “O Holy Night,” fueled by plenty of junk food. Dabbing on lipstick and eyeshadow in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror, two bridesmaids place bets on who will cry first: Melissa or Tyler. In the bathroom, Hannah offers Paige champagne, as her daughter comes in to style Paige’s gorgeous brunette mane. After countless bobby pins (“there’s no amount that would be enough,” the stylist says), Paige’s already lovely hair is fashioned regally, with braids crossing over a full bun. Paige, studying her reflection, remarks, “Oh my gosh. Tyler’s going to wet his pants.”

The bride gathers her entourage downstairs to present gifts. Each of the bridesmaids receive a make-up bag, as well as an engraved flask with a personalized message, “something that reminded me of all of you,” Paige says. The quirky make-up bags each have a humorous catchphrase printed along the front. To Katie goes the “selfie kit” bag, and to Mel, a pouch with the words “sleep in.” Rachel’s bag sports a T-Rex drawing.

Paige’s gown is gorgeous, a white strapless creation with a flowing train and decorative pearls along the bodice. Draped over her bare shoulders is a shoulder necklace, accenting the dress with an elegant shimmer. The bridesmaids step in to help Paige lace up her dress, and Lauren, the Maid of Honor, secures the double bows in the back. The bridesmaids stare at Paige in awe. “Dang! What a hottie!” they exclaim. “You look like royalty.”

Onto the Wedding

A live string quartet welcomes guests into People’s church. They enter to the heartwarming instrumentals of Disney songs including “Tale as Old as Time,” and “Can you feel the Love Tonight?” Paige walks down the aisle, accompanied by her father, to the “Jurassic Park” theme song, and meets Tyler at the front of the church.

Pastor Chad Johnson regales the audience with the story of Paige and Tyler’s love, from Paige complimenting Tyler’s sit-up in the sixth grade, to Tyler showing up late for the proposal. Today, five years after their first date, Paige and Tyler are joining as one. Chad speaks of Paige and Tyler’s desire to seek God’s will, together.

Mid-vow, Paige requests another tissue. The couple exchanges rings. Paige and Tyler light the unity candle and partake of communion for the first time as a married couple.

The After-Party

At the reception, the tables are beautifully set with gorgeous centerpieces: clear marbles in vases with small blue lights. Poking out of the vases are hand-crafted flowers that Paige, the film-school grad, made by hand. Another treat, courtesy of Paige’s family, are handmade dolmas at the appetizer table.

The emcee announces each of the attendants before ushering in Tyler and Paige, with roars of approval from the audience.

After a delightful meal of chicken and pilaf, the toasting begins. It starts with an unexpected surprise: words from young David, Paige’s cousin. “Paige is my cousin,” he explains to the guests, “and now, so is Tyler.” Then Lauren toasts, relating the story of her lifetime friendship with Paige. She tells about how the she and Paige became best friends in kindergarten, when Lauren decided to befriend the prettiest girl in the class. “Every one of my memories as a child has Paige in it,” she goes on, referring to when “our” little brother was born. “Your mom and my dad are up there toasting this occasion,” she continues warmly. 

Tyler has two best men: one with whom he shared a pro-sport rivalry, and another, who “knew him before he could speak English.” The latter talks about how Tyler and Paige meld together as a couple. “You guys, together, are fiercely individualistic,” he says, “Two people that are willing to come together, and not compromise.”

Then Mr. Powell delivers a toast in rhyme, including a recounting of Tyler’s proposal to Paige: “Tyler, for example, knew what ladies like / The best way to propose to a girl is on a hike.”

Now it’s Mr. Revis’s turn, and he expresses his amazement that Tyler and Paige made a plan six years ago, and actually stuck with it. Paige delivers her toast. Tyler starts to follow suit, but gets a bit choked up, with a meaningful look heavenward.

The new husband and wife meet on the dance floor to share a dance to Disney’s “Tale as Old as Time.” They talk as they twirl each other around the floor. Mr. Powell dances with Paige to Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl,” and then Tyler and his mom dance to “Parents’ Prayer,” by Steven Curtis Chapman.  

The couple heads over to the cake table to exchange bites from an adorable multi-tier Lady and the Tramp cake, complete with dog-toppers reaching for the same noodle. The festivities continue with guests and newlyweds tearing up the dance floor, to songs like “Uptown Funk.”

At evening’s end, Paige and Tyler climb into the waiting limo, ready to begin their life together.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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