Is this seat taken?

I’ve been watching you for a long time 

And I love you.

I know where you hid the

Nike sweat socks and the 

now-salmon stretchy shorts

you didn’t bother 

separating from your boyfriend’s

oversized orange pullover

in the wash,

and that Wednesdays are wash days.

I was there

and I love you.

I know that you left the pet store

with four hyper terriers

 on the first (and only) occasion 

you braved it alone.

I knew about the shed 

at Rodney’s party

before you walked in.

I love you.

I know why you didn’t order

fettuccine just now.

Because you like Prego Alfredo 


I know that you arrived 

at this diner at 6:17,

that you have until 6:43 to eat

before you jet off to that 

graveyard shift at the plant.

Your third this week. 

Of course, you’re exhausted.

I know that.

I also know we have 26 

beautiful minutes until then,

which sounds pretty good to Me.

I love you.

Is this seat taken?

You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts, even when I’m far away.

-Psalm 139:2

Photo Credit: Max Pixel

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