Is this seat taken?

I’ve been watching you for a long time 

And I love you.

I know where you hid the

Nike sweat socks and the 

now-salmon stretchy shorts

you didn’t bother 

separating from your boyfriend’s

oversized orange pullover

in the wash,

and that Wednesdays are wash days.

I was there

and I love you.

I know that you left the pet store

with four hyper terriers

 on the first (and only) occasion 

you braved it alone.

I knew about the shed 

at Rodney’s party

before you walked in.

I love you.

I know why you didn’t order

fettuccine just now.

Because you like Prego Alfredo 


I know that you arrived 

at this diner at 6:17,

that you have until 6:43 to eat

before you jet off to that 

graveyard shift at the plant.

Your third this week. 

Of course, you’re exhausted.

I know that.

I also know we have 26 

beautiful minutes until then,

which sounds pretty good to Me.

I love you.

Is this seat taken?

You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts, even when I’m far away.

-Psalm 139:2

Photo Credit: Max Pixel

Published by Stephaniesninthsuitcase

Hi, there! My name is Stephanie and I’m a Fresno, CA native. After studying at Biola University, I received my MLIS (Masters in Library Science) from San Jose State University. I live with my mom, poet Kimberly Vargas Agnese, and serve as her unofficial agent. We reside at MeadowArc, a food forest in its infancy. I am called to, and passionate about, purity. In fact, the name Agnes means “pure.” Before I was born, my mom felt led to include the name Agnes in her name, and in the names of her children. My full, hyphenated name includes 26 letters (but not the whole alphabet).

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