6 thoughts on “Random Question of the Day (11/29)

      1. She was dumped in a neighborhood and rescued by a friend of mine. I saw her and knew right away. .the vet said she would not live more than a year because of damage to her kidneys from the bad conditions she lived in. Moll lived 14 years!!! She had every ailment in the world. Kind of like me!!!! But she had a devotion and love like no other. In her final year she had dog dementia and none in this house slept more than a few hours because we would wake up and she would be in the bathroom barking at the wall. She was a family member. Persistent in what she wanted. Knew who she liked and didn’t. Slept with my daughter every night of her life and moll stunk SOOO bad i had to wash her sheets every other day. But we didnt care. She was just awesome

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