The Right to Kill

Pursuant to the established laws of 

Natural selection, and in

accordance with the

pending principles of eugenics,

on the authority of Darwinian theory

(and with all due attention to the 

separation of church and state)

We, the evolutionary elite,

do hereby declare ourselves 

executors of the human race,

and hereby claim liability for

  • The cleansing of the gene pool
  • The continuance of our evolutionary progress
  • The certain destruction of the weakest

As executors, we exercise our inalienable right to choice

and shall therefore make

all necessary determinations concerning abridgment of the rights of others

We claim full liability for our actions,

which are certainly in the best interest of all parties.

(Consult also Sanger’s pamphlet on eugenics) 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
* I do not stand with Planned Parenthood. Please join me in praying for the unborn in America, and for the upcoming March for Life in Washington D.C.

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