Recipes in a Suitcase??

You may (or may not have) noticed that my ninth suitcase has become a mishmash of miscellany, a mixing bowl of some of my favorite things (like random questions and poetry).

That said, my newest ingredient will be recipes, because I’ve gotten pretty excited about cooking lately (and by “cooking” I mean throwing a couple ingredients into my grandmother’s little food processor–circa 1960s), except without the cooking part, since I’m into raw food stuff.

 I’m going to do my best to post original recipes (I often consult an Ani Phyo cookbook, or do a quick Google search before dumping things in).

I’ll probably do mostly raw recipes, with the word “mostly” meaning:

A) the grand majority of my recipes will be raw vegan.

B) I’m not too fastidious and use ingredients that may be close to (like unsweetened cocoa powder) or only arguably (like liquid aminos) raw.

So, yes. There will be recipes in this “suitcase.” Mary Poppins pulled a lamp out of a purse. Guess you just never know what you’ll find…

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