Concerning their Upbringing 

Rosemary and lavender in the same patch

Then side by side their steps align
 within this earthy tango, 

Their roots entwine

Their offshoots mingle

Within this arid tangle.
Though nurtured together,

Young ‘mary and lavender

Sip sweetly, separate scents

To each his own (the saying goes)

With each its spriggish bent 
These neighborly herbs 

grow up and diverge 

From common ground, yet distinguished, 

Though rising in tandem

Their natures aren’t random 

And differing scents relinquish 
For pluck you a sprig,

A lavender twig,

Inhale its violet vivacity

Or separately muster

A rosemary cluster

And ‘joy its volupt’ous tenacity. 

(Does nurture coddle 

Or fiercesomely throttle?

To each his own identity.)

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