Truths and Lullabies (Poetry Book Review)

A few weeks ago, new poet Ashley Marie did a chapbook giveaway to the first ten commenters on her Instagram post. I nabbed one of those copies, and have enjoyed reading through it. Ashley and I attended college together at Biola University, and she’s begun publishing her work, as of late.

Ashley Marie’s collection, Truths and Lullabies, features 25 poems. Her poetry encompasses a wide spectrum of style, from more formal verse to contemporary spoken word. The positive message in each poem unites the collection as a whole. As a poet, Ashley Marie “desires the presence of truth and beauty within the lines she crafts.” 

And truth and beauty certainly flow through her words. My favorite poems are “Ode to Eire'” and “Paper.” “Ode to Eire” weaves together Irish diction with nostalgia for a beautifully crafted selection. “Paper,” one of Ashley Marie’s spoken word pieces, powerfully addresses human worth. The poem ends with a single, well-placed Christian allusion. The last line gave me chills.

If you’re interested in purchasing this lovely little book, you may do so on Amazon. You can also follow Ashley Marie on Instagram at redandblack_words.

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