Even I didn’t realize it

Thank-you, guy in the Buick, for whistling at me

When I accidentally made eye contact,

Because I had to twist around and look at the traffic signal behind me

Because the one across the street was broken,

But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I made the mistake of

Looking your way while you swung into a right turn

But that moment, that whistle, was pure destiny.



It was all planned.


I lied to my mom this morning

When I said I was walking the five blocks

To go take care of my dad’s dog

Administer Visine

And a quarter can of dog food.

It wasn’t true.


brazenly I marched from my house

Sporting 1980s nylon shorts

And a tragically bleach spotted tank top

Yes, I schemed to myself

As I twisted my hair into a sensible bun



And only you know the truth.


I walked out the door

In all my flip-flop sporting

Fashion-distorting glory

A yard-duty hoofing it across Fresno.

Yes, I was dressed to impress you

Crusty man in the rust bucket Buick

My ensemble was entirely intentional

purely For your benefit


And Only you knew it.

Even I didn’t realize it

Until you whistled



photo credit: WikimediaCommons

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