Never Miss (Book Review)

I am so excited to review my first physical book from the Revell Reads program. This book was provided in exchange for a review 🙂

Never Miss by Melissa Koslin (ISBN #: 9780800738396)

I received Never Miss, by Melissa Koslin, through the Revell Reads program.

Saving his life and running from her own, former military sniper Kadance Tolle meets Lyndon Vaile, a triple-doctorate holder with an eidetic memory. Along with a Maine Coone cat named Mac, the two work together to stop the release of a manmade virus.

Commendable Qualities

  • The purity!! Given that this book is from a Christian publisher, I would have been surprised if this wasn’t a takeaway. But premarital sex seems to be a common theme in so many of the books I see. So, if that is something you avoid in a book, this book is pretty safe. (There are some romantic scenes, which I believe the author handles very well— full of emotion but without leaving you feeling gross/ed out).
  • Along a similar line, I really liked that, in her narration, Kadance does not take the blame for Lyndon’s attraction to her. When he asks her to stop, essentially, looking so attractive (and initiating fairly innocent physical contact), she wonders if she should ask him to stop going shirtless. I appreciated that, Kadance, while respecting Lyndon’s desire for purity, does not blame herself—and Lyndon apologizes and says that (his strong feeling of attraction to her) is not Kadance’s fault.

Spiritual Themes

Lyndon is a Christian; Kadance is not. I was a little bit surprised about how long it takes for us to learn about Lyndon’s faith, given that half of the story is written from his perspective.

In fact, the most moving scene for me was from Kadance’s point of view. A certain moment brought tears to my eyes, which definitely attests to the redemptive nature of the story.

As a Christian, I would have liked to see much more interaction with faith (not even in an overt way— Ted Dekker, one of my very favorite authors, is quite subtle). Even so, I appreciate that this book is not a preachy, conk-you-over-the-noggin with a bible story. I think that the portrayal of faith offers food-for-thought, without being off-putting to readers who are not Christians.


Parts of the story felt “too easy,” in terms of both the romance and the mystery. Lyndon seemed to have an almost automatic understanding of Kadance’s emotions, despite their very different— and unique— backgrounds. In terms of the mystery, there was part in particular where I would have liked to see a bit more gradual buildup, versus a sudden revelation. I also would have liked a bit more science in certain parts. While reading Never Miss, I realized I prefer when authors “go over my head,” in their explanations, because then I feel more confident that at least they know what they’re talking about. Some of Lyndon’s explanations felt oversimplified, to me.

Overall impression

Overall, the combination of romance, dialogue and action contributed to a very enjoyable reading experience. The further along I got, the harder it was to put down. I would definitely like to read more by this author!

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