Promises and Potatoes

I am VERY new to gardening, but the trouble I have with root vegetables is that you have to uproot them in order to enjoy the food you’re trying to grow.

That feels rather mean to me, after I have spent so much time watering and tending to them— earning their trust, if you will.

And then what happens if you excavate them too early, and performed said cruelty without cause?

I almost cried about my potatoes, tonight.

A harvest worth of potatoes fitting easily in a cereal bowl. On the plus side, there are nine, which is my favorite number ❤️

But, when I asked the Lord about if there I was a message I could take from the potatoes, He reminded me of Phil. 1:6

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.

Phil. 1:6

While I felt sad and concerned that I had uprooted my little friends too early, the great thing is that God will not “uproot” us too early.

He will definitely finish the good work He has begun in us, works which He “prepared in advance for us to do.” (Eph. 2:10)

The same verse reminds us that we are God’s handiwork! And so are the potatoes I planted!

And since I’m still here, the Lord isn’t finished with me, yet. 🙂

I am a Promise (Children’s Song)


Here at our (infant) food forest, MeadowArc, my mom has planted tons of fruits, veggies and berries. I do the watering 🙂 What are you growing this summer?

Published by Stephaniesninthsuitcase

Hi, there! My name is Stephanie and I’m a Fresno, CA native. After studying at Biola University, I received my MLIS (Masters in Library Science) from San Jose State University. I live with my mom, poet Kimberly Vargas Agnese, and serve as her unofficial agent. We reside at MeadowArc, a food forest in its infancy. I am called to, and passionate about, purity. In fact, the name Agnes means “pure.” Before I was born, my mom felt led to include the name Agnes in her name, and in the names of her children. My full, hyphenated name includes 26 letters (but not the whole alphabet).

2 thoughts on “Promises and Potatoes

  1. I love how you related an every-day chore (or something more “earthly,” I guess, since you don’t get to dig up your own potatoes every day 😀 ) to something spiritual. I remember reading a sermon by Charles Spurgeon in which he basically said God is preaching to us in everything we do, whether that’s something as everyday as getting out of bed in the morning or changing clothes, but we just don’t open our eyes to see what the Lord is telling us. Like you and your potatoes – but you saw what the Lord was teaching you through them!

    By the way, they look lovely! Homegrown potatoes are so good. 🙂

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