Coloring God’s Love for Me (Book Review)

  • Author: Janae Dueck
  • Publisher: Tommy Nelson
  • Synopsis: Part devotional and part activity book, Coloring God’s Love for Me combines short readings with coloring pages to encourage young readers in their faith.
  • Pre-Order Now (Releases June 14th)
  • DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher via JustRead blog tours. Opinions expressed are my own.

Scripture Connection

I ask that you’ll have the power to grasp love’s width and length, height and depth, together with all believe

Eph. 3:18

Spiritual Themes

While the devotional addresses a number of themes, the majority of the messages, like the title, point to God’s love and faithfulness.


The book begins with a note to parents, describing the content of the book and the value of combining artistic expression with meaningful faith principles/Scriptures.

Most of the 100 devotions begin with a title describing something God does (“God Puts Me Together,” “God Keeps Me Afloat”). Titles are written in bubble letters, so that they can be colored in, as well. Next, there’s a verse, followed by a few paragraphs discussing the verse in ways that are relevant or interesting to a young reader. For instance, Psalm 40:2 is about God lifting the writer out of the “sticky mud” (International Children’s Bible). Dueck describes sin like a muddy puddle: fun to jump in at first, but leaving you feeling icky.

On the opposite page, there’s a drawing or activity page. Some pages feature illustrations to match the theme of the devotion. Others include an invitation to interact with the theme in writing/labeling the picture, or drawing an illustration. At the back of the book, there are a few bonus activities, such as instructions for additional crafts and pages for children to craft their own illustrations, based on a key verse.

What I Liked

The devotionals are fun and engaging to read. While this is definitely designed as a children’s book, I’m looking forward to coloring the pages and meditating more deeply on the message enclosed.

I like that God’s love is so prevalent, throughout. There are some messages about “doing things” (which isn’t really my favorite), like telling people about Jesus, but there’s also a lot about just resting in His love.

I like that the devotions are labeled as “Promise ____,” rather than “Day _____.” Based on the titles, I think that this could be used thematically, with specific activities selected based on life events, rather than as a daily book.

Dueck encourages parents to let children use the book as a workbook, which I also appreciate. I think it is so important to invite children to engage with their faith in different ways. Moreoever, within the book, the author often invites the reader to spend time with God in specific ways that makes sense to the reader. Off the top of my head, I remember something about praying (or reading the Bible) in a tree. She makes suggestions about writing praise songs and snuggling up with the Father, as well. This is so meaningful to me, because one of the challenges I encountered as a result of growing up in the church was grappling with a “one size fits all” experience of God. I so appreciate that Dueck encourages readers to use their unique, God-given gifts, when it comes to relating to Him. This is such a beautiful thing!

I like the variety in the coloring book. While some pages have words to color in or more intricate patterns, other pages include simple animals to color in. This allows the reader (or the parent) to choose a page that fits their mood / the amount of available time.

Recommendation Status

I so appreciate that Dueck invites young readers to engage their creativity in relationship with the Lord. Although I didn’t 100% resonate with each message, this is a book I would definitely recommend, especially as a family activity. I could see this being purchased in duplicate for each family member, or potentially as part of home schooling curriculum.

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