Whatever Tomorrow Brings (Book Review)

  • Author: Claire Nance
  • Available Now
  • Series: Lindell High School series, book 2
  • Synopsis: As Dee begins her junior year, she finds her relationship with Slate becoming strained— as his commitment to football, regardless of the cost, overshadows his commitment to the relationship.
  • Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author. Opinions expressed are my own.

Scripture Connection

Although there’s some light Christian content, I have trouble connecting a specific verse, this time. Rather than trying to force it, I’m going to leave this section blank.

Spiritual Themes

Compared to book one, Whatever Tomorrow Brings contained a little bit more spiritual content, though it remained light, overall. Brief statements that caught my attention referenced Christ’s unchanging nature, as well as God’s Sovereignty. We also see the continued emphasis on meditating on verses in scary situations. Plus, there are several references to God’s miracles, in the children’s church where Dee volunteers.

I will happily note that book three delves more deeply into faith elements.

What I Liked

While reading book one of the Life at Lindell High series, I found that I really enjoyed the book. It was fun, and it was light, and I really like high school romance type stories. There were just a few days between when I finished book one and when I started on book two, and I was very eager to start on book two.

As I read Whatever Tomorrow Brings, I really began to recognize and appreciate the author’s talents. In addition to crafting particularly memorable and realistic characters (I believe the series is somewhat autobiographical), the author does a FANTASTIC job of pulling in my emotions. I think that the last time I was this emotionally invested in a fictional romantic relationship was over a year and a half ago. (That book was a lot of fun, but not a title I recommended; more of a clean read, despite being published by a Christian publisher). It’s hard for me to go into the specifics (although I’d be delighted to do so), without spoilers, but I will say that I deeply felt the experiences Dee was going through. I commiserated with her, grew aggravated right alongside her and– ultimately (I think), learned a lesson, with Dee. I find her to be such a sympathetic character, and as I reflect, I think that is hugely important, if the reader is going to learn with the character, rather than merely watching the story unfold, from an outside perspective.

Story events, like the characters, felt very realistic and true-to-life. I was so frustrated when things weren’t turning out for Dee as I wanted them to, but that is exactly how life is! Although I didn’t date, as a high schooler, I also feel that Nance does a great job in depicting high school relationships. We see the struggles and victories, the moments of delight and defeat, in participating in a romantic relationship. This is, obviously, not everyone’s experience, but I do think it is a fair reflection of some people’s. For me, I saw a lot of my college self in Dee, as her first relationship reminded me, in some ways, of my own.

Content Notes

After finishing book one, I clarified with the author regarding the appearance of feathers and headdresses as part of the twirler uniform. As I had suspected, this is unfortunately an imitation of Native American regalia– the school mascot is the Warriors. This is one of those elements that is historically (and, even presently!) accurate, as schools do continue to use Indigenous people as mascots. It is an appalling practice and I really wish the author had just used a different mascot.

There’s one softened use of the Lord’s Name.


As I mentioned in my review of book one, the overall sentiment towards dating is pretty casual in the book. I’m not sure how much of this is a time period thing, but it does feel like that may be part of it. (I think of a scene at a party, for instance, where Dee dances with a bunch of different guys. She is not “going steady” with anyone at the time, and it is perfectly normal for her to dance with multiple partners.

Despite being aware that she is dating someone else, one of the characters kisses Dee. It’s really not very descriptive– I’m mentioning it more because of the fact that she is dating someone else.

One of the characters promises to “always” be there for Dee, and there’s a line about them completing each other. I am happy to report, however, that this is addressed, indirectly, in book three!


Recommendation Status

I very much enjoyed the second installment of Claire Nance’s Life at Lindell High series. Like the first, this one was so fun to read– and I even had the opportunity to delve right into book three, immediately after finishing book two (Actually, I started book three last night and have already finished it, as well). For me, the highlight of the book was how strongly and effortlessly the author tugged on my emotions and drew me into Dee’s life. Dee, her family, her friends– even her Chihuahua Trixie– all feel so real to me!

Recommended to readers who enjoy dating books and are looking for a clean read, with reader discretion regarding the harmful mascot.

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