Author Interview with Claire Nance

As we wrap up the series spotlight on the Lindell High School Series, I’m happy to share an interview with author Claire Nance!

About the Author

Claire Nance is the indie author of The Lindell High School Series, as well as a photographic devotional entitled Joy to My Soul, and a short short mystery spoof, Foul Weather. She writes in order to share her love of God and love of story. When she’s not writing, she enjoys Bible study, photography, reading, and spending time with her family. She lives in southeast Texas with her husband of over four decades and their eighteen-month old Chihuahua.
Her life verse is John 8:12 because Jesus brought her out of a season of darkness and hopelessness several years ago. Jesus truly is the Light of the world. To get updates, cover reveals, and new release announcements, sign up for Claire’s newsletter at You’ll receive a pdf of exclusive content: a flash fiction romance story and an alternate scene that didn’t make it in the second Lindell High School book, Whatever Tomorrow Brings.

Can you please share a little bit about your personal walk with the Lord? 

I lean and rely on the Lord every single day. Experience has taught me that I can do nothing in the way of doing good or being good without Him. I ask for His Spirit’s filling daily. 

How have you experienced Him drawing you to Himself?

Back in 2002, I was diagnosed with panic disorder. Nothing I tried stopped the panic attacks. In fact, they grew worse. I desperately prayed for help and later that week, a friend invited me by phone to a Bible study being held at my church, and I felt the Lord urging me to go. I went scared and sat by the exit in case I had a panic attack. I didn’t. Within three weeks of doing the Bible study, I was having a peace I’d never known and was back in church singing in the choir. The next year, I began facilitating Bible studies for my church and continued to facilitate for the next 14 years. The name of that first study was Believing God by Beth Moore. That’s where I learned how to pray Scripture over my anxiety and other challenges.

I understand that the Lindell High books are semi-autobiographical. To what extent do the characters and situations in the story correspond to real life?

Writers are often instructed to “write what you know.” I knew about low self-esteem, being afraid of people, perfectionism,  and wanting to be like my older sister in my high school years. So, it was natural to give Dee my personality problems. 

Are characters like Slate, Carol and Margo based on real people, or a combination of people you knew?

Slate, Carol, and Margo are blends of friends/relatives I’ve been close to in real life.

Did your mom work as an elementary school teacher?

My mother worked at a department store off and on through my junior high and senior years. I, however, was an elementary teacher for 12 years. 

And, is Jeff based on your husband?

Yes, he is. We went steady through high school and college. We celebrated our 47th anniversary last summer.

What was your favorite thing about high school? And your least favorite?

My favorite thing about high school was being a member of the drill team and twirling during variety shows that were held in the auditorium every year. My least favorite thing was having to get up so darn early. Back in the ‘70s, I had to get up at 6 am to have time to eat, dress, put on makeup, and curl my hair with an electric curler set I shared with my sister. I was a night owl and not a morning person. Things have reversed since then. I think age may have something to do with that. 🙂 

How are you like and unlike Dee?

As I mentioned earlier, I gave Dee some of my personality flaws. But she’s more outspoken and a lot braver than I was at her age. 

Dee learns some lessons, in the series. She learns about taking her fears to God, and finds out that He truly loves her. Are these things He taught you in high school, or are these life lessons He ministered to you, over the years?

One of the reasons I wrote The Lindell High School Series was so other teens could know what I didn’t at Dee’s age–that God truly loves them, cares for them, and wants them to cast all their anxieties on Him. I could’ve saved myself a lot of agony and angst if I’d believed God didn’t just tolerate me. That He actually loved me–as flawed as I was–and that He was willing to help me, lead and guide me.

Is there a particular verse or theme the Lord put on your heart as you wrote the Lindell High School Series? What is one message you would want readers to gain from reading?

Each book in the series has its own Bible verse printed in the front matter which reflects the theme. For To Love Someone, it was forgiveness; for Whatever Tomorrow Brings, it was God’s plans are for our good; and for One Other Love, it was to seek God’s presence. The one message I want my readers to gain from reading is that God sees and knows them intimately, and He is ready to help them in any trouble they may face. Even when you’ve messed up, He won’t turn you away if you’re sincerely sorry and ask for forgiveness. The Lord has compassion on those who fear (have a reverent awe of) Him. (Ps. 130)

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