Plucky Plum (Terrible Pun) 

The prince and the pauper decided to switch places again, for old time’s sake. Unfortunately, the royal chancellor discerned the pauper’s identity almost immediately. During the royal dinner, the pauper plucked a fruit from the folds of his robe, offering it to the chancellor. He’d come with a plum, instead of aplomb.  Photo Credit: WikimediaContinue reading “Plucky Plum (Terrible Pun) “

She Kneaded the Clue! (Terrible Pun)

Special Agent DuPree walked into a 3 PM appointment with Edna, a mousy masseuse. Edna had information for Agent DuPree, but wasn’t willing to open her mouth.Enter the massage parlor…  The plan was simple. Edna would relay the tip across Agent DuPree’s back, using a basic Morse code conversion. Agent DuPree stiffened as Edna beganContinue reading “She Kneaded the Clue! (Terrible Pun)”

Flautist Foible (Terrible Pun)

Jessi, a dedicated flautist, was determined to attend rehearsal in spite of a bad cold. As usual, she arrived punctually to band practice. But this time, in her exhaustion, she forgot to bring her flute. When she admitted the mistake, her conductor shook his head. “I oughta send you home,” he told her. “But IContinue reading “Flautist Foible (Terrible Pun)”