Nose Thyself (Terrible Pun)

Jeff walked into the kitchen, waving his biology test in the air. “Dad, Dad!” he exclaimed! “I got an A on my exam, with extra credit for the question on the olfactory nerve.”  His dad smiled as he gave Jeff a pat on the back. “Well, Son,” he said. “Sounds like your answer was rightContinue reading “Nose Thyself (Terrible Pun)”

One Donut Short of a Dozen (Terrible Pun)

Johnny sat at the kitchen table as his mother whipped up a batch of donuts, explaining the importance of each ingredient as it went in the mixing bowl.  The phone rang just as she removed the last donut from the frier. She hung up to find that she was one donut short of a dozen,Continue reading “One Donut Short of a Dozen (Terrible Pun)”

An intimidating intimation (Terrible Pun)

Dan had a confession to make to his dad. Daunted by the prospect of telling his father, he decided to spell out the truth in a letter. At first, Dan left the letter on his antique dresser, but then he thought better of it and moved the note. After all, he needed to get it offContinue reading “An intimidating intimation (Terrible Pun)”