Concerning their Upbringing 

Then side by side their steps align  within this earthy tango,  Their roots entwine Their offshoots mingle Within this arid tangle. Though nurtured together, Young ‘mary and lavender Sip sweetly, separate scents To each his own (the saying goes) With each its spriggish bent  These neighborly herbs  grow up and diverge  From common ground, yetContinue reading “Concerning their Upbringing “

The Right to Kill

Pursuant to the established laws of  Natural selection, and in accordance with the pending principles of eugenics, on the authority of Darwinian theory (and with all due attention to the  separation of church and state) We, the evolutionary elite, do hereby declare ourselves  executors of the human race, and hereby claim liability for The cleansingContinue reading “The Right to Kill”

#MeToo Writing Contest Honorable Mention- Queen of my own heart (running away from incest)/Kae Bucher

Originally posted on Blood Into Ink:
i wonder … was it all a game to them… that afternoon our house of cards fell? when my heart was ripped like a playing card as it tore down streets on a green skate board AWAY from a family who thought it was FUNNY to pimp me out…