Jack and the Potter

I know of a man Who once thumbed ’bout a pan Withdrawing a plum forthwith He relished that plum  From his corner sanctum And counted it heavenly bliss But what if Jack Horner Had leapt from his corner And insulted the maker of pots? What if he jammed up his thumb And accosted that one Continue reading “Jack and the Potter”

God isn’t a Literacy Coach

“God isn’t a literacy coach.”That’s the message I heard from my mom one afternoon during college while we were talking on the phone. I was pacing around outside the public library, and talking about how I sometimes (make that often) had trouble reading the Bible.  Opening it was a scary thing for me, because ofContinue reading “God isn’t a Literacy Coach”

Submission Guidelines Jordan Journal

My mom and I recently felt led to begin a literary journal (plus workshop) for Christian poets, Jordan Journal. As you’ll see if you visit our Facebook page, our aim is to bring together a diverse array of Christian perspectives, highlighted through a variety of forms. Or, as my mom, the prolific Kae Bucher, puts it, we’reContinue reading “Submission Guidelines Jordan Journal”

Birth of A Christian Literary Journal 

Originally posted on Buckets on a Barefoot Beach:
My daughter Stephanie and I would like to invite you to the launching of Jordan ?Journal, a literary endeavor. Jordan Journal is part literary journal, part workshop. We are hoping to publish submission guidelines this coming week and would be just tickled pink if you’d join our…

The Samaritan and the Servant

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come’…” Revelation 22:17   Behold, I am standing By this spring of water.     And the daughters of men Are coming out to draw water.   Let the young woman to whom I shall say Behold, I stand…     Near the field that Jacob Had given toContinue reading “The Samaritan and the Servant”

Inspiration, Where Does It Come From?

Flight Ministries Beginning my journey as a blogger I was encouraged to reach out to other writers. Learn from them and pick their brains. My question has been where do these talented writers, photographers, and poets get their inspiration? Speaking with Kae from http://bucketsonabarefootbeach.com/ I asked her that same question. Her response was “I pray”.Continue reading “Inspiration, Where Does It Come From?”