Breaded Seas

Weight on the Lord,

The world’s ancient Bearer.

Oh! Cast your burden like bread

Upon the waters.

And wait for the weight to become

Just one of “all things.”

Your wait, in His hands,

Will not spoil without meaning—

But collect with the whole world

Like the oceans before you,

And like His Word—

To water the earth.

And then there will be seed.

Yes. And bread.

And when you are

Starved for patience,

Let the weight roll off

Into the breaded seas of eternity.

Your weight, in His hands,

Will fall from them

No sooner than the sparrows

They fashioned. And know:

No harm can befall them

Without His know.

Weigh your waiting

In those same sturdy palms—

It’s just a little pile of dust—

Then take the hands.

Give your weight:

Beloved daughter, son.



Photo Credit: Pixabay