To Life Eternal 

When sun shines for’ and radiates its light
The world in silent wonder does behold

‘Til bird with tunesome song dismiss the night

And light abounds to set the world with gold.

In this world fellow sojourners are we

Nor, my dear, are we lost here, you and I.

Now by sun and not always faith we see

But in the world to come: Christ, be our guide.

The morning sunrise on the earth foretells

An everlasting day whose end shall not

Die out among triumphant victory swells

The battle ever won, the orphan bought

It is for freedom we have been set free

To life eternal in ASLAN’s Country!

Photo Credit: Flickr 

O, Crown the Treetops

O, crown the treetops. Dowse the world below.

Spread glory to all regions of the earth

Light, beauteous light, set the world aglow.

Flame of the Father’s soul declares His worth.

When sun shall have forever lost his place

The world in full new splendor shall appear

And all Creation glory to His face:

Redeemed. To kind Creator, now drawn near.

But ‘til the angel’s trump returns us home

Cloud by day and fire by night ever guide

Son’s Spirit cries within us, “Do not roam!”

But briefest hour are we to be tried.

Abide, my soul, abide. He shall return.

‘Til then His light o’er all Creation burn.

Photo Credit: pxhere