Psychics are Open Sundays

A poem because God still speaks today, through His Son. Like He promised. (Hebrews 1:1-2)

I learned in Sunday School

That prophecy is a thing of the past.

I guess when God turned off tongues,
He shut His own mouth, too.
It figures.

Moses had the burning bush. 

Peter had Jesus. 

“But what do we have?” 

(I’d asked)

“We have the Last Times.”

“But not really, truly, the Last Times,

I guess… because that’s when

The sons  and daughters will prophesy again, right?”

“For pity’s sake, child,

You ask too many questions. 

But to answer–

The Holy Spirit.

That’s what we’ve got now.

And Jesus said He was even better

And Jesus never lies 

(Good riddance!)”

“Does the Holy Spirit talk to us?”

“That’s what the Bible’s for.”

“Then what’s the Holy Spirit for?”

“To be… there.

You either have Him or you don’t.”

“So He… sits there?”

“More or less… yes.”

“What if you don’t have Him?”


‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?'”

“How do I know if I have Him,

When He never speaks?”

“I think that’s maybe a question for Pastor Allan.”

“Does God speak to pastors?”

“Only about the Bible.

Nothing like what’s in the Bible.

None of that future-forecasting

Word of knowledge stuff.” 

“Is that why psychics are open on Sundays?”

“Psychics are frauds or devil-worshippers.”

“They get it from the devil?”

“Sometimes. And so you must 

Never, ever visit one.”

“Because the devil speaks?”
“I’m afraid so.”
“But not God?”
“Would you want Him to,

Like some scary psychic 

With a creepy crystal ball?”

“I guess not…”

“Here. Have an extra Bible.”

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Don’t Cross PeaceĀ 

I think

It’s easy 

To imagine peace as

A bare-cheeked cherub 

Strumming ice-cream truck tunes

Outside St. Peter’s door.
But I wonder

If it’s more like

Daniel’s angel,

Warring against the Prince 

Of Persia 21 days.
Or maybe,

It’s an 


Third day 


Over sin.

Over death.




Death’s dead. Gone.


I think that’s the kind

Of peace

That guards our hearts…

In Christ Jesus.
*Phil. 4:7

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