The Samaritan and the Servant

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come’…” Revelation 22:17


Behold, I am standing

By this spring of water.



And the daughters of men

Are coming out to draw water.


Let the young woman to whom

I shall say

Behold, I stand…



Near the field that Jacob

Had given to his son Joseph



It was about the sixth hour…



Give me a drink


And who shall say



The young woman was very

Attractive in appearance


Let her be the one whom

You have appointed


Drink, and I will water

your camels…



How is it that you, a Jew

Ask a drink from me,



A woman of Samaria?



You would have asked Him



And He would have given

you living water.


My Lord…



And she quickly let down her jar

Upon her hand and gave him

A drink.


I am the daughter of

Bethuel the son of

Milcah, the wife of Nahor,

Abraham’s brother.




The man gazed at her in





To learn…




The LORD had prospered

His journey.



Come in, O blessed

Of the LORD.



The thing has come from the LORD.


Let her be the wife of

your Master’s son



As the LORD has spoken.


The water is deep



Are You greater than our father





He gave us the well

And drank from it,




Everyone who drinks this water

Will be thirsty again.

But whoever drinks the water

I give will never be thirsty again.


Sir, give me this water…

Sir, I perceive that You

Are a prophet…




What you have said is true.



I who speak to you

AM He.


Come see a man who told

Me all that I ever did.



Could this be the Christ?



Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons