Double the Lies (Book Review)

Scripture Connection The Exodus quotation from the Ten Commandments is included at the beginning of the novel. (King James Version, I’m guessing?) While I don’t usually use this sort of Scripture for the “Scripture Connection” portion of my review, it is definitely fitting for this book, as the novel demonstrates some of the pain andContinue reading “Double the Lies (Book Review)”

To Marry an Earl (Book Review)

At a Glance Author: Karen Thornell Publisher: Covenant Communications On-Sale Date: Sept. 1, 2021 Synopsis: After several years of successfully avoiding marriage, Kate is horrified to learn that her father is auctioning her off to the highest-bidding suitor. She soon finds herself betrothed to an earl, who she believes to be a total stranger. Recommendation:Continue reading “To Marry an Earl (Book Review)”