Second Time Around (Book Review)

Scripture Connection This is an instance where I don’t see a strong connection to a particular Scripture or spiritual theme. In the interest of disclosure, it has been almost a week since I finished the book, so I may be overlooking something. Spiritual Themes Mallory prays, here and there. There’s a reference or two toContinue reading “Second Time Around (Book Review)”

Brown Roses (Book Review)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the ebook from the author. Opinions conveyed are my own. Author: Tope Omotosho Leverage Publishing Available Now Synopsis: Brown Roses follows Erinma, the CEO of a popular cosmetic company, and Andrew, a single dad and founder of a taxi company, as the Lord leads them to healing andContinue reading “Brown Roses (Book Review)”

What makes a book “clean”?

So I think that the idea of “clean” content can align with Christian beliefs, (since the Bible is clear that sex is supposed to happen exclusively in the context of marriage) but we encounter an issue when clean books are promoting a secular, idolatrous worldview.