Are you going to eat that?

For me, practicing self-control with food is a lot harder when the food is right in front of me. Sure I may have the ingredients for cookies scattered throughout my pantry, but avoiding the food processor is a lot easier than turning up my nose to a Danish sample at the grocery store. It’s aContinue reading “Are you going to eat that?”

A Pocketful of Hope…

I’ve been a fan of Robin Jones Gunn’s books since I read the Christy Miller series in high school. In college, I was ecstatic to learn that she, too, attended Biola University. Then, with my Mom’s encouragement, I reached out to Robin for an interview this past summer (the completed article, praise the Lord 😊, is slated forContinue reading “A Pocketful of Hope…”

Nathaniel’s Cry

Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you. (John 1:48) How I have tried To duck under fig  Leaf covers Concealed as nectar  In clover Hiding without And seething within. How long, oh LORD? Vashti, deposed.  For what? Esther’s ascension.  Elijah’s ascension. Ahab’s wrath and Herod’s.  Will You forgetContinue reading “Nathaniel’s Cry”