The Story of God with Us (Book Review)

Authors: Kenneth Padgett & Shay Gregorie Illustrator: Aedan Peterson Publisher: Wolfbane Books This is the publisher’s debut title and I am so excited to see what else Wolfbane publishes! Synopsis: The Story of God with Us provides a Messianic snapshot of Scriptures, beautifully proclaiming the truth of the Good News. I received a complimentary copyContinue reading “The Story of God with Us (Book Review)”

Saving Ebenezer (Book Review)

Author: S. Daniel Smith On-Sale Now Synopsis: After Tiny Tim passes away, Scrooge begins to doubt the authenticity and significance of his first change of heart. Although I’ve only read A Christmas Carol maybe twice in book form, I have plenty of delightful memories with this heartwarming classic, from the school play in third gradeContinue reading “Saving Ebenezer (Book Review)”

The Little Women Devotional (Book Review)

Merry (almost) Christmas! Although it’s still November, I’d like to recommend this forthcoming devotional (releasing Dec. 1st) for the Christmas season! I think this book would make an excellent Christmas present, or else a special treat for yourself or someone you love, for the days leading up to Christmas. Author: Rachel Dodge Publisher: Barbour PublishingContinue reading “The Little Women Devotional (Book Review)”