Romance’s Rest (Book Review)

Author: Erika Mathews Available Now Series: Truth from Taerna Synopsis: While teaching in a neighboring community, Kethin Ellith encounters an old friend and faithful follower of Adon Olam, Faeth Dale. Faeth captures Kethin’s romantic interest, but she has no desire to get to know him. Romance’s Rest is the conclusion to Erika Mathews’ six bookContinue reading “Romance’s Rest (Book Review)”


For anyone who missed this post last Tuesday, I am currently doing a giveaway! Just wanted to share a quick note that I have the privilege of giving away a copy of Memory’s Mind, the newest of Erika Mathew’s novels. Erika writes beautiful, truth-filled fiction that abounds with the rest and peace found in Yeshua.Continue reading “Giveaway”

Cover Reveal (Romance’s Rest)

This is my first time doing a cover reveal, as I typically do not feel prepared to endorse a title, prior to reading it. Based on the two other books I’ve read by this author, I’m fairly certain I will endorse it, when the time comes. However, here is my little disclaimer that I haven’tContinue reading “Cover Reveal (Romance’s Rest)”