He could’ve made us giants 

Praying for Irma He could’ve made us giants, With all the strength and pluck To uproot trees with pinkies And mountains by the hunk Yes, He could have made us giants Formidable and wild To take those chunky mountains Like candy from a child He could have given us strength  For seismic-level tantrums So whenContinue reading “He could’ve made us giants “

Boycott Women’s Health Magazine: it Publishes Pornography

Photo Credit: iPatriot, article as published on iPatriot  http://ipatriot.com/womens-health-magazine-thinks-pornography-good/ From reports of martian births to celebrity weight check-ups, the grocery store checkout line has been a well… fascinating wellspring of knowledge over the years. Even so, today’s foray past the cashier was a jaw dropper, in the worst way possible. I had the misfortune ofContinue reading “Boycott Women’s Health Magazine: it Publishes Pornography”