The Samaritan and the Servant

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come’…” Revelation 22:17   Behold, I am standing By this spring of water.     And the daughters of men Are coming out to draw water.   Let the young woman to whom I shall say Behold, I stand…     Near the field that Jacob Had given toContinue reading “The Samaritan and the Servant”

Breath of Life

“Although Jesus Himself did not baptize, but only His disciples.” John 4:2  The natural With water And then the  Spiritual. But John  Would have prevented  Him As the people were in  Expectation Jesus Himself did not baptize But  Will baptize in  Breath of life  And in True religion– Visit orphans and… A woman from Samaria.Continue reading “Breath of Life”

The English Side of Greek: A Found Flashcard Poem

Early in the morning, early I receive plan, purpose, vision.   Foolish, foolishness: Custom, habit.   Mind, understanding, Thought from within. Within I join, cling to, Staff, rod.   (Leather) bottle, wineskin, I seize, take hold of. I reject, refuse, power, might.   Zebedee, I go over, pass over.   Babylon: tribunal, judgement seat. Boundary,Continue reading “The English Side of Greek: A Found Flashcard Poem”