Complimentary Conundrum

For her birthday, Tina decided to avail herself of her free meal coupon at the local steakhouse.  After enjoying a delicious prime rib meal and presenting the waiter with her coupon, Tina was shocked to receive a bill for $23.95. Calling the waiter over, she reminded him of her coupon for a complimentary meal. “Oh,Continue reading “Complimentary Conundrum”

This joke is ripe for the picking 

It was time for the annual harvest, and Farmer Reed gathered all his sons together to begin the job.  “Get the tools together and be back in 15 minutes,” he ordered. Ed, the eldest, grabbed the keys to the tractor and waited smugly for the next 14 minutes. Jimmy, the middle child, returned punctually withContinue reading “This joke is ripe for the picking “

Nose Thyself (Terrible Pun)

Jeff walked into the kitchen, waving his biology test in the air. “Dad, Dad!” he exclaimed! “I got an A on my exam, with extra credit for the question on the olfactory nerve.”  His dad smiled as he gave Jeff a pat on the back. “Well, Son,” he said. “Sounds like your answer was rightContinue reading “Nose Thyself (Terrible Pun)”

An intimidating intimation (Terrible Pun)

Dan had a confession to make to his dad. Daunted by the prospect of telling his father, he decided to spell out the truth in a letter. At first, Dan left the letter on his antique dresser, but then he thought better of it and moved the note. After all, he needed to get it offContinue reading “An intimidating intimation (Terrible Pun)”

Granted, it was an accident (Terrible Pun)

Mr. Landon had recently taken on his nephew, Jamie, as an apprentice landscaper. After months of collaboration, Mr. Landon decided to let Jamie take on a project of his own. Walking through the Feldman’s front yard, Mr. Landon nodded approvingly. “Looks great, so far,” he exclaimed. Then he halted as he came to the driveway.Continue reading “Granted, it was an accident (Terrible Pun)”

Automotive Atrocity (Terrible Pun)

Complaining that she’d had trouble starting her car lately, a woman dropped by her mechanic’s office. The mechanic discovered that the car had a dangerous mechanical malfunction. The woman had been taking a huge risk just driving to his office. “But why didn’t you bring it in sooner?” the mechanic demanded.  The woman shrugged. “IContinue reading “Automotive Atrocity (Terrible Pun)”