My Mom is just like Yeshua

Like Samuel in his linen ephod,  a little girl hearing the voice of the LORD (only, she was taken from her father, not given to the LORD) Like Solomon, hearing a bereaved mother [only, make that a bereaving mother, and (how is this possible?) a five-year-old Shlomo] Like Tamar at twelve, violated, with no avengingContinue reading “My Mom is just like Yeshua”

The Hebrew Lives

Papyrus whispers words of refuge: “Shelter here, little one, Where killers cannot find you. Shelter here, little one, We the reeds will hide you.” Hide, Hebrew! The woman who never knew his father sings,  “Egypt will adore you, Prince among men,  Egypt will adore you, Now here among friends.” Return, Hebrew! Unearthly visions echo: “DeliveranceContinue reading “The Hebrew Lives”