Pure (Book Review)

As I’ve attempted to write this review, I find myself straddling an odd line between reviewing and retelling, which I don’t consider to be my purpose—even for nonfiction. For this reason, I’m going to start the review with the recommendation status, and then list some favorite quotes, plus a few of my favorite parts/arguments, asContinue reading “Pure (Book Review)”

Jack vs. the Tornado (Book Review)

Author: Amanda Cleary Eastep Illustrator: Aedan Peterson Series: Tree Street Kids #1 Publisher: Moody Publishers On-Sale Now! Synopsis: Despite moving to a new town, ten-year-old Jack Finch is convinced that he’s just a few hundred bucks away from returning to his old home on the family farm. With a plan to pocket a few BenContinue reading “Jack vs. the Tornado (Book Review)”