God of the Garden (Book Review)

Highly recommended to a variety of people groups: gardeners and poets; those who appreciate the writings of William Wordsworth and Henry Thoreau​, L.M. Montgomery and Thomas Traherne; naturalists and those who don’t get outside much, but need to; land developers and conservationists.

Why I Don’t Squish Bugs Anymore (Book Review)

Title: Why I Don’t Squish Bugs Anymore Author: Kaden Olson Illustrator: Laura Olson On-Sale Now Synopsis: This little book tells the story of a missionary who learns not to squash bugs! Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Written for little children children, this seems to beContinue reading “Why I Don’t Squish Bugs Anymore (Book Review)”

Random Question of the Day (3/26)

People have a habit of imitating nature’s seasonal changes. We adorn ourselves in gold and russets during the fall, sky blues in summer, dark tones in winter… During springtime, we dress in pastels and florals. What is your favorite springtime color and who (that is, what thing in the natural world) is wearing it? PhotoContinue reading “Random Question of the Day (3/26)”