Deadly Target (Book Review)

Immediately after a life-threatening kayak accident, Erin must rush to her mom’s aid. While in her hometown, she encounters her ex-boyfriend, Nathan, and the two quickly become embroiled in a decades-old mystery with a ripple effect.

Sustainer’s Smile (Book Review)

Author: Erika Mathews Releases: October 21st Series: Truth from Taerna (Book 4) Synopsis: Appalled to learn that a “Lightener” has arrived in town, Liliora devoted herself to prayer and action on behalf of the preborn (and born) children in her community. My blogger friend Vanessa Hall invited me to the Honor Life Challenge (blog/Instagram tour).Continue reading “Sustainer’s Smile (Book Review)”

Why I Don’t Squish Bugs Anymore (Book Review)

Title: Why I Don’t Squish Bugs Anymore Author: Kaden Olson Illustrator: Laura Olson On-Sale Now Synopsis: This little book tells the story of a missionary who learns not to squash bugs! Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Written for little children children, this seems to beContinue reading “Why I Don’t Squish Bugs Anymore (Book Review)”