Through a broken looking glass, darkly, I glimpse sometimes  a harried someone flying past, frantic as a white rabbit  fretting over a pocketwatch, seizing onto shards of self-importance and sometimes  microscopic broken bits of meaningfulness. She hastens by, Archimedes-like, panting labored breaths of  “Eureka! I have found it!” Weighed willingly down by these ever-dense  playContinue reading “Still”

The Hebrew Lives

Papyrus whispers words of refuge: “Shelter here, little one, Where killers cannot find you. Shelter here, little one, We the reeds will hide you.” Hide, Hebrew! The woman who never knew his father sings,  “Egypt will adore you, Prince among men,  Egypt will adore you, Now here among friends.” Return, Hebrew! Unearthly visions echo: “DeliveranceContinue reading “The Hebrew Lives”


…climbing toward God And the really frightening moments  Are not when galactic distances Divide us But when we seem On the very verge  Of that impossible threshold  When we find ourselves  Just one rung beneath Fearing failure, not judgement– Our inability to do what we can And therefore should The desperate exhaustion of it  AllContinue reading “Ascent”