Submission Guidelines (Jordan Journal)

As some of you know, my mom and I co-edit a bimonthly literary journal… Jordan Journal is pleased to release submission guidelines for our upcoming issue, “Linger.” Please send your poetry and photography submissions (including a brief bio) to by June 17. Theme Guidelines: “Wait continually for your God.” ~Hosea Our fast-paced world isContinue reading “Submission Guidelines (Jordan Journal)”

Concerning their Upbringing 

Then side by side their steps align  within this earthy tango,  Their roots entwine Their offshoots mingle Within this arid tangle. Though nurtured together, Young ‘mary and lavender Sip sweetly, separate scents To each his own (the saying goes) With each its spriggish bent  These neighborly herbs  grow up and diverge  From common ground, yetContinue reading “Concerning their Upbringing¬†“

Always, lens

I see myself, and you yours, filtered through cameras, creeks, and crystalline glass– our knowledge  by reflection. We marvel and muse  that we have never  met ourselves. Never faced off with ourselves  nor seen ourselves, really. But, really, all I see of you and you of me is another reflection  not personality but  the refractionContinue reading “Always, lens”