The Hebrew Lives

Papyrus whispers words of refuge: “Shelter here, little one, Where killers cannot find you. Shelter here, little one, We the reeds will hide you.” Hide, Hebrew! The woman who never knew his father sings,  “Egypt will adore you, Prince among men,  Egypt will adore you, Now here among friends.” Return, Hebrew! Unearthly visions echo: “DeliveranceContinue reading “The Hebrew Lives”

Is this seat taken?

I’ve been watching you for a long time  And I love you. I know where you hid the Nike sweat socks and the  now-salmon stretchy shorts you didn’t bother  separating from your boyfriend’s oversized orange pullover in the wash, and that Wednesdays are wash days. I was there and I love you. I know thatContinue reading “Is this seat taken?”