Granted, it was an accident (Terrible Pun)

Mr. Landon had recently taken on his nephew, Jamie, as an apprentice landscaper. After months of collaboration, Mr. Landon decided to let Jamie take on a project of his own. Walking through the Feldman’s front yard, Mr. Landon nodded approvingly. “Looks great, so far,” he exclaimed. Then he halted as he came to the driveway.Continue reading “Granted, it was an accident (Terrible Pun)”

Automotive Atrocity (Terrible Pun)

Complaining that she’d had trouble starting her car lately, a woman dropped by her mechanic’s office. The mechanic discovered that the car had a dangerous mechanical malfunction. The woman had been taking a huge risk just driving to his office. “But why didn’t you bring it in sooner?” the mechanic demanded.  The woman shrugged. “IContinue reading “Automotive Atrocity (Terrible Pun)”