Flautist Foible (Terrible Pun)

Jessi, a dedicated flautist, was determined to attend rehearsal in spite of a bad cold. As usual, she arrived punctually to band practice. But this time, in her exhaustion, she forgot to bring her flute. When she admitted the mistake, her conductor shook his head. “I oughta send you home,” he told her. “But IContinue reading “Flautist Foible (Terrible Pun)”

An intimidating intimation (Terrible Pun)

Dan had a confession to make to his dad. Daunted by the prospect of telling his father, he decided to spell out the truth in a letter. At first, Dan left the letter on his antique dresser, but then he thought better of it and moved the note. After all, he needed to get it offContinue reading “An intimidating intimation (Terrible Pun)”