Vegan Copy-Cat Reese’s

Allow me to begin by saying that I’m not just posting this recipe for fun. No, this is my Friday-night (Shabbat shalom, everyone 😊) PSA. Because people need to try these.  You know how sometimes candy melts and you refreeze it to solidify it, again? These taste just like refrozen Reese’s! Because of the texture,Continue reading “Vegan Copy-Cat Reese’s”

“Apple” Cider Water Kefir

Alright. First of all, I know the quotes around “apple” probably look a little suspicious. They’re there because this beverage tastes like apple cider, but there are no apples involved.  Water kefir is a great probiotic drink that keeps your insides alive and healthy. Plus it has a nice fizz 🙂 When brewing water kefir,Continue reading ““Apple” Cider Water Kefir”