In the Shadow of the River (Book Review)

NOTE In order to hash out some things that I wanted to discuss, and because of the nature of some of the content, this review has some slight spoilers, but it’s more thematic than plot-based. I also have spoiler warnings at the relevant sections. Scripture Connection O You who hear prayer,To You all men come.Continue reading “In the Shadow of the River (Book Review)”

Spring Break Feature: Lindell High School Series

Back in February, I had the opportunity to read the Lindell High School trilogy, by Claire Nance. I came across book three in a GoodReads group, and Claire was kind enough to provide me with ecopies of each book. I was hooked from chapter one! At first, I enjoyed the lightness of the teen romanceContinue reading “Spring Break Feature: Lindell High School Series”

Bring Her Home (Book Review)

NOTE: Due to a significant trigger/content warning, this review contains spoilers. Scripture Connection Luke 15:11-24; The Parable of the Prodigal Son (p. 1) Spiritual Themes Bring Her Home is very clearly a fleshing out of the parable of the prodigal son, which I appreciated for several reasons. I really liked having the opportunity to enterContinue reading “Bring Her Home (Book Review)”