The Value Game (and other lies I’ve told myself)

I’ve established a mental hierarchy based on relationship status. In some part of my mind, I believe that, the deeper I go in a relationship, the more valuable I become. Like value is being incrementally poured into me when I find out someone likes me, wants to date me or be my boyfriend. Conversely, if I’m not dating anyone, it is because I am less valuable—less valuable than others who are dating people. Less valuable than I myself would be, if only I were in a relationship…

Is this seat taken?

I’ve been watching you for a long time  And I love you. I know where you hid the Nike sweat socks and the  now-salmon stretchy shorts you didn’t bother  separating from your boyfriend’s oversized orange pullover in the wash, and that Wednesdays are wash days. I was there and I love you. I know thatContinue reading “Is this seat taken?”