God of the Garden (Book Review)

Highly recommended to a variety of people groups: gardeners and poets; those who appreciate the writings of William Wordsworth and Henry Thoreau​, L.M. Montgomery and Thomas Traherne; naturalists and those who don’t get outside much, but need to; land developers and conservationists.

Following the Call (Forthcoming Devotional)

Eberhard Arnold; Compiled and Edited by Charles E. Moore Publisher: Plough Publishing House This is a collection that features writings from a variety of writers and theologians, including Mother Teresa, Leo Tolstoy and John Wesley. I was drawn to the book because I was intrigued to see the group of authors featured in the text.Continue reading “Following the Call (Forthcoming Devotional)”

Checklist for Heaven

Have you gotten your Christian points for today? The Bible says that we are saved by grace through faith. And that’s how we know we’ve got our ticket to Heaven. With a minimal daily earning of 15 points, you too can be on your way to the pearly gates. BIBLE READING  All Scripture is inspired,Continue reading “Checklist for Heaven”