From Korea to California: Erin and Luke’s Story

After tying the knot in front of Erin’s family and friends in Korea, Erin and Luke Durain enjoyed their first year of married life, during which they planned a second wedding ceremony for their loved ones in America. On July 18th, 2019, the newlyweds, together with friends and family, gathered at the historic Orcutt RanchContinue reading “From Korea to California: Erin and Luke’s Story”

…this is a great mystery… (Wedding Report)

Several adjectives come to mind as I think of Lauren and Brandon’s wedding: beauty. Simplicity. Elegance. But I think “Grace” is my favorite word. It summarizes the aura Lauren exuded as she walked down the aisle, and always. It fits the love in Brandon’s eyes, such a strong representation of Christ’s, as bridegroom, as sheContinue reading “…this is a great mystery… (Wedding Report)”

Wedding Fever and the Bride of Christ

(This is my my longest post ever! I didn’t plan to get this much off topic, but I didn’t want to scrap sections of the writing, because it proved extremely therapeutic, and I like how it turned out. This is also my most personal post so far :). ) Some little girls grow up makingContinue reading “Wedding Fever and the Bride of Christ”

Wedding Write-Up #1

I‘m hoping to include wedding reports in my freelancing services. Here is my first. Please message me if you’re interested in a write-up 🙂 Becoming One   Five years after borrowing a calculator and never returning it, Tyler Revis proposes to Paige Powell. Paige and Tyler had been acquaintances since late elementary school, but didContinue reading “Wedding Write-Up #1”