I AM Man

They were about to come 

And take Him

(By force)

To make Him


The very works that 


doing bear witness about

Me that the Father

Has sent Me.

What sign do you show us

For doing these things?

They have rejected Me

From being King

Over them.

Now appoint us 

A king

To judge us like

All the nations.

In those days, everyone 


What was right

In his own eyes

Just as Moses lifted 


The snake

In the desert 

So the Son of Man

Must be lifted 


Who made you a prince

And a judge

Over us?

Say this to Israel:


has sent me to


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Published by Stephaniesninthsuitcase

Hi, there! My name is Stephanie and I’m a Fresno, CA native. After studying at Biola University, I received my MLIS (Masters in Library Science) from San Jose State University. I live with my mom, poet Kimberly Vargas Agnese, and serve as her unofficial agent. We reside at MeadowArc, a food forest in its infancy. I am called to, and passionate about, purity. In fact, the name Agnes means “pure.” Before I was born, my mom felt led to include the name Agnes in her name, and in the names of her children. My full, hyphenated name includes 26 letters (but not the whole alphabet).

6 thoughts on “I AM Man

  1. I have a challenge for you. As you know I reblog your poem that you posted last night on my own site, I did that because I was impressed with your writing. I have a challenge for you though but I think you can do it. If you’re up for a challenge I recommend reading the 26 chapter of Acts. The conversation Paul had was King Agrippa in Festus. The most people think think that conversation is just in there but it’s in there for a purpose. I believe the purpose is in there because it educates us on how to show Mercy to those who don’t understand us. I believe it’s in there too encourage us not to give up hope on those who oppress us. I believe it’s in there because God wants to show us that everyone deserves an opportunity to hear the message and everyone deserves an opportunity to make a change but the choice is theirs to make. What do you think are you up for the challenge?


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