One Donut Short of a Dozen (Terrible Pun)

Johnny sat at the kitchen table as his mother whipped up a batch of donuts, explaining the importance of each ingredient as it went in the mixing bowl.  The phone rang just as she removed the last donut from the frier. She hung up to find that she was one donut short of a dozen,Continue reading “One Donut Short of a Dozen (Terrible Pun)”

Always a Susan, never an Exec

Susan was tired of being second in the kitchen. She’d worked loyally at the restaurant for six years, with no promotion. Finally, she decided to approach management. “Do I have any chance in moving up in the restaurant?” Susan asked. Her manager shook his head. “Can’t say,” he sighed. “I’m afraid you’ll always be aContinue reading “Always a Susan, never an Exec”